The financial freedom we offer

Our non-custodial peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace allows you to be in control of your trades. Pay NO FEES on trades locally without any trade limit imposed on you; and while at that, enjoy the ability to buy/sell goods locally with/for any crypto; goods like: TV, Camera, Furniture, Cellphone, Car, and much more. Download our mobile app now.

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You are in charge
so take control

◉ We are never going to touch the money or your cryptocurrencies in any way.

◉ We do not store anyone’s coins; and thus, we do not take your private keys either.

◉ We are not involved in signing transactions; and therefore, we do not touch your cash.

◉ You, yes you, are in complete control of your money and the trades you execute.

◉ Use any payment method of your choice during your trades.

◉ We are all about putting control back into the hands of the people.

Core features

Built-in Messenger

Find your desired product or coin and message the trader right away with no delays .

Classified ads Service

Worry not about how to cash out you coins, use the unique feature to buy a product you are in need of. Wanna hodl some coins, then use this feature to sell a phone or camera and hodl that Bitcoin.

Locally search by City or Urban region

Search easy with us. We are not the regular local platform that just shows you national post. Find posts locally.

Live crypto
auto-updating prices

Our live crytocurrency price makes it easier for you to quickly glance to how the market is doing while browsing for your deals

In-App fiat to
crypto calculator

Trade stress-free as our in-app calculator gives you the ability to fiat to crypto or cryto-fiat calculations

Multiple payment

Our non-custodial platform, gives you the freedom to make trades with any payment methods your heart desires

Two in one p2p digital money marketplace

We bring you the world’s first cryptocurrency mobile platform that combines both the ability to trade any coin locally while at the same time being able to buy or sell classified products with any crypto

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How do I buy/sell on FinFreeOTC?

Very simple, if you are selling a product or a coin, just create a post and wait for the buyer to message you. And once you agree on a trade, then you meet in a safe public place and complete the trade. If you are buying, simply browser for a deal of your taste and just talk with the seller through our built-in messaging system.

Do I need to complete KYC/AML?

No, you do not need to. Since FinFreeOTC is a non-custodial platform, meaning we do not store anyone’s coins or get engaged into users’ transactions, our users can trade without providing their personal information.

Are block chain transactions secure?

Yes, when someone pays you by sending the coins to your wallet, rest assured that once it clearly shows “sent or processing;” the coins will surely get to your wallet. A blockchain transaction cannot be intercepted, reversed, nor stopped.

How much does FinFreeOTC charge its users?

Are you kidding, why should you be paying at all on cryptocurrency platforms. We make sure that the dream of financial inclusiveness and money distribution is achieved by make sure you can post and trade absolutely free of charge.

Is there a time limit on my classified ads’ activeness?

Simple No! Your posts remain active for as long as you leave them on. However; we urge our users to please delete posts that are sold already or are no longer offered.

Is FinFreeOTC also offering just Bitcoin trades?

We let our users enjoy the freedom to trade any coin, anytime, anywhere, while at the same time being able to use multiple payment methods.

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